Swing, Gel, Love and Rock n’ Rollteaser 2 to watch the animation :https://vimeo.com/99832739
It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. teaser 1to watch the animation :https://vimeo.com/99832739
"Sweet Love" animation by Gregory Casares
" Inside a strawberry pie, there was a land 
Which was tasty, yummy and cosy. 
But a pretty girl was about to understand
That life is not always so rosy. “https://vimeo.com/99253502
At last but not the least, the real and only man of a kind : My good friend Henri-Nicolas, creator of manofakind.net
Our amazing friend Kadu Dantas is an incredible inspiration for us at manofakind.net Give him some love! Illustration : Gregory Casares
The handsome Mariano Di Vaio is manofakind’s inspiration Illustration Gregory Casares
manofakind’s inspiration : Matthew Zorpas from thegentlemanblogger Illustration : Gregory Casares
manofakind’s inspiration : Justin Livingston from scoutsixteen Illustration : Gregory Casares
Robert Smith from the Cure
"Whenever I’m alone with you You make me feel like I am whole again”
Summer is already here!  Metronomy by Gregory Casares
manofakind inspiration : Ahmad Daabas from amdmode Illustration Gregory Casares
manofakind inspiration : Fabio Attanasio from thebespokedudesIllustration Gregory Casares
manofakind inspiration Of the day : Pasquale Karatzetzos from gentlemansdiarymagazine  Illustration Gregory Casares
Space-Mex 3The epic final !
Space-Mex 2 https://vimeo.com/97534188